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Seoul Financial Hub

Domestic Financial Environment

Employee recruitment and regulation



For the recruitment of financial specialists, advertise the relevant job position offered
and find the desired candidate for the job through a recruitment website.
Check and interview the candidate and proceed with decision making to hire the candidate.

Employment contract

Labor Standards Act to be observed for domestic and foreign workers include signing up for the 4 major insurances
(pension insurance, health insurance, industrial accident insurance, and employment insurance) and
signing an employment contract for the newly recruited employees (stipulating wages and working hours, etc.).

Capability enhancement

Financial institutions to utilize the professional financial capabilities, improve internal capabilities,
and comply with the standards for maintaining professional human resources to maintain licenses

Regulatory compliance

Confirmation of reporting obligations of foreigners staying in Korea, application and change of visas
that meet the legal conditions of stay, confirmation of domestic immigrant investors by foreign nationals

Supporting services

Professional workforce recruitment notice

Register job postings at Seoul Metropolitan Government affiliated organizations, confirm and conduct interviews of candidates who applied for the job postings.

Employment contract detailed advice and support

Provision of counseling channels for drafting employment contracts in Korean and English, confirming working conditions, and drafting employment rules

Change in conditions of one’s stay

Provision of detailed information for visa application result inquiries, visitation reservations, and immigration screening applications

Professional Workforce Training notice

Provision of information on various institutions that help enhance competency, such as the Korea Financial Research and Training Institute, Asset Management Professionals Training Institute, and the Financial Investment Association learning system

Related organizations


    Counselling service for HR and labor for foreign investment companies

  • Seoul Global Center

    Labor, and legal advice
    - Monday to Friday
    (14:00 – 17:00)

  • Seoul Business Support Center

    Counselling with certified experts
    Labor attorney : Every Tuesday (13:00 – 18:00)

  • Foreigner Employment Management System

    Inquiry on the status of business sites, inquiry of civil complaints and progress, introduction of employment permit system, etc.

  • 4 major social insurance information center

    Information and the establishment of the 4 major social insurances, administrative work such as the reporting and cancelling of insurances is possible

  • Financial Investment Association, Financial Investment Education Center

    Online and offline educational institutions for corporate finance, asset management, sales support, and compliance

  • Korea Financial Research and Training Institute

    Training courses for existing financial institutions offering basic, intermediate, and advanced financial education as well as new training courses that cover FinTech