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Membership Account Information


Terms and Conditions for Membership

Terms and Conditions
Regulations on rights, duties and responsibilities, and other necessary matters


Article 1 Purpose
The purpose of this Agreement is to stipulate the rights, duties, responsibilities, and other necessary matters of Seoul Finance Hub (hereinafter referred to as “SFH”) and members (hereinafter referred to as “Members”) thereof in connection with the use of the services provided by SFH.

Article 2 (Definition)
The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows:
• “Service” means any service available to Members regardless of the device it is provided to (including various wireless and wired devices such as personal computer, TV, and portable devices) and the type of provision thereof (website and mobile application).
• “Member” means a customer who accesses the Services of SFH, enters a user agreement with SFH under these Terms and Conditions, and uses the Services provided by SFH.
• “Email address” means an electronic mail address specified by the user as required to log in.
• “Password” means a combination of characters or numbers determined by the Member himself/herself to verify that he/she matches the Member under the email address set at the time of Member subscription and protect confidential information.
• “Content” means any data stored in Services other than personal information during the use of Services by Members, such as text, photos, videos, and other various files and links in the form of information.
• “Restriction and suspension of services” mean limiting or suspending all or part of the Services provided to Members who violate public interest or regulations of SFH.
• “Termination” means the termination of a user agreement by SFH or Member after the use of Services.


Article 3 Publication and Revision of Terms and Conditions
• SFH shall post the Terms and Conditions on the Service subscription process and the Service initial page to allow Members to understand these Terms and Conditions easily.
• SFH may revise these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate applicable statutes, such as “Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions” and “Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.” (hereinafter referred to as the “Information and Communications Network Act”).
• When SFH revises the Terms and Conditions, such shall be notified thirty (30) days prior to the effective date thereof together with the grounds for revision and the current Terms and Conditions. If the revised Terms and Conditions are disadvantageous to Members, however, SFH shall additionally notify such fact clearly by electronic means such as email notification and notice window for login for a certain period of time.
• Members shall be deemed to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions unless they explicitly manifest their refusal to the revision following announcement or notice of the revised Terms and Conditions pursuant to Paragraph 3.
• Where Members do not agree to the application of the revised Terms and Conditions, SFH shall not be permitted to apply the revised Terms and Conditions, in which case Members may terminate the User Agreement by withdrawing their membership. However, SFH may terminate the User Agreement if there are special circumstances wherein the existing Terms and Conditions are not applicable.
• The Terms and Conditions revised under this provision shall be, by default, valid from the effective date thereof and onwards.

Article 4 Interpretation of Terms and Conditions
• SFH may have separate Terms and Conditions and policies for Paid Services and individual Services (hereinafter referred to as “Operating Policies, etc.”), and the User Agreements of Individual Services shall have precedence should there be any conflict thereof with these Terms and Conditions.
• Matters or interpretations other than those set forth under these Terms and Conditions will be governed by separate Operation Policies, etc. or commercial practices.

Article 5 Conclusion of User Agreement
• The User Agreement will become valid when the person who wishes to become a Member (hereinafter referred to as “Subscription Applicant”) agrees to the Terms of Conditions and subsequently applies for Member subscription and SFH approves such application.
• SFH shall, by default, approve the service use in relation to the application of the Subscription Applicant. However, SFH may not accept the application or terminate the User Agreement afterward under any of the following circumstances:
- Where the Subscription Applicant has lost his/her membership status under these Terms of Conditions; note, however, that exceptions will apply if a re-subscription has been authorized by SFH;
- Where false information is provided, or any information required by SFH is not provided;
- Where approval is unavailable due to reasons attributable to the Subscription Applicant, or an application is filed in violation of other prescribed matters.
- Where contents or comments that undermine the tradition and customs or cause discomfort to others are posted.
• SFH may differentiate the Service use by classifying Members by grade and request real name verification and self-authentication through specialized institutions according to their grades.
• SFH may suspend the conclusion of User Agreement until the grounds for any of the following circumstances are resolved:
- Service interruption due to a technical failure (disk failure, system down, etc. with no intentional act or negligence on the part of the system administrator);
- Where the telecommunications service provider under the Telecommunications Business Act suspends the telecommunications service;
- War time; Where any accident, natural disaster, or equivalent national emergency may occur;
- Where it is inevitable due to urgent system inspection, expansion, and repair of the facilities to be repaired, etc.
- Where grounds for inability to provide Services arise, such as failure of service facilities or surge in service use.
• Where the Member subscription application is not accepted or is withheld pursuant to Paragraphs 2 and 4, SFH shall, by default, notify the Subscription Applicant of such fact.
• The User Agreement shall become effective when SFH displays the subscription completion in the application process.
• The Member information provided in the application form shall be deemed the actual information of the customer, and any Member who does not enter the actual information shall not be protected under the law and may be restricted from using the Services.

Article 6 Termination of Agreement
• When intending to discontinue his/her Service use, a Member may request SFH to withdraw his/her Membership through the Member information management page, and SFH shall process such request immediately as prescribed by associated statutes, etc.
• Where the Member terminates the agreement, all of his/her data shall be deleted upon termination, except in cases wherein SFH retains Member information pursuant to the applicable statutes and the Privacy Policy.
• SFH may suspend or terminate the account of a Member or discontinue the provision of all or part of the Services to the Member pursuant to Article 20 (Restrictions on Use, etc.)

Chapter 3 Member Information Management

Article 7 Modification of Member Information
• Members may view and modify their personal information at any time on the Member information management page.
• Where any matters are modified following a Member’s subscription application, the Member shall update such matters on the Member information management page and inform SFH of the modification.
• SFH shall not be held liable for any disadvantages caused by a Member’s failure to inform SFH of the modification made in Paragraph 2.

Article 8 Duty to Protect Personal Information
• SFH strives to protect the personal information of its Members as required under applicable statutes, such as the Information and Communications Network Act. The protection and use of personal information shall be subject to the applicable statutes and the Privacy Policy of SFH. However, SFH’s Privacy Policy shall not apply to linked sites other than SFH’s Services.
• SFH shall neither disclose nor distribute any personal information of Members that it becomes aware of in connection with the provision of Services without their consent. Provided, that this shall not apply to cases under the due process pursuant to the provisions of statutes, such as when requested by an associated agency for investigative purposes under the applicable statutes or at the request of the Information and Communication Ethics Committee.

Article 9 Collection of Personal Information
• SFH may collect and use some information from the users’ PCs as part of the Services for product support provided to users in connection with software.
• Within the scope of Paragraph 2, Article 8 (Duty to Protect Personal Information), SFH may prepare and use statistical data on all or part of personal information of the Members without their prior consent and may send cookies to the Members’ computers for this purpose. In this case, a Member may change the settings of the browser on his/her computer to deny or warn against receipt of cookies, and the Member shall remain responsible for any change in his/her use of Services caused by the change in the cookie settings.
• SFH does not use the collected information for purposes other than for improving software or providing Services or technologies ideal for the user’s service environment.
• SFH may use some of the users’ PCs and network equipment to transfer large amounts of data better during Service provision.
• Any application for service use filed by a Member with SFH under these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed an agreement to the collection and use of the membership information contained in the application under these Terms and Conditions.

Article 10 Information Security for Members
• The responsibility for the management of Members’ e-mail and Password shall lie with the Members and shall not be transferred to third parties.
• Upon completing his/her service subscription procedure on this Site, a subscription applicant shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information he/she has entered, and he/she shall remain fully responsible for any consequences arising from the use of the member’s ID and password.
• If the password is lost, the reset notification will be sent via email; notwithstanding the provisions under Paragraph 2, the Member shall remain responsible for any issues caused by his/her negligence in managing his/her information, such as his/her e-mail address or mobile phone number.
• Members shall be required to notify SFH immediately and follow the instructions thereof upon becoming aware that their account has been stolen or used by a third party. SFH shall not be held liable for any disadvantages arising from any failure by the Member to notify SFH of such fact or failure to comply with SFH’s guidance even if he/she does notify SFH.

Chapter 4 Service Use

Article 11 Service Provision
• SFH may divide its services into certain ranges and designate the available hours separately for each range. In such cases, however, the details shall be notified in advance.
• The services shall be, in principle, provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
• SFH may encourage users to install separate software if necessary, to use the Services, and users may refuse to install the software if they do not wish to.
• SFH may temporarily suspend the Service provision in case of repair and inspection and replacement and failure of information and communications equipment, such as computers, communications disruption, or probable operational cause. In such cases, SFH shall notify Members by means of notification for Members specified under Article 13. If there is any unavoidable reason that prevents SFH from sending a notification in advance, however, the notification may be sent post hoc.
• SFH may conduct periodic inspections if necessary, for the Service provision, and the periodic inspection hours shall be as announced on the screen that provides Services.
• If the messages and other contents such as communications messages stored or sent with SFH are not stored or sent or are deleted, or communications data is lost due to national emergencies, power outages, service facility failures outside the scope of management of this site, or other force majeure events, SFH shall not be held responsible.

Article 12 Service Modification
• SFH may modify all or some of its Services due to operational and technical needs, if there is probable cause.
• SFH reserves the right to set restrictions on use and storage at any time at its sole discretion without prior notice to Members.
• SFH may correct, suspend, or modify all or part of its Services provided free of charge due to its policy and operational need and shall not provide any related compensation to the Members unless otherwise specified in associated statutes.
• If any modification is to be made to the Service content, method of use, and hours of use, the reason for modification, details of the Service to be modified, date of provision, etc. shall be posted on the initial screen of the relevant Site before the modification is made.

Article 13 Notification to Members
• If SFH sends a notice to its Member, and the Service details are modified, or the Service is terminated due to the termination of a contract concluded with a content provider (CP) to provide the Service, modification of the CP, and/or commencement of a new Service, SFH may notify the service details modification or termination via the email address designated by the Member, unless otherwise provided under these Terms and Conditions.
• SFH may replace the notification referred to in Paragraph 1 by posting the notification on the initial screen of the Site for more than seven (7) days.
• If SFH needs to suspend its services temporarily due to difficulties in providing normal services, the services may be suspended after a week’s prior notice, and SFH shall not be held responsible for a Member’s failure to read the notice during this period. Under unavoidable circumstances, the prior notice period above may be reduced or waived. In addition, if the messages and other contents such as communications messages stored or sent on this service are not stored, are deleted, or are not sent, or communications data is lost, SFH shall not be held responsible.
• If the service needs to be suspended permanently due to the circumstances of SFH, Paragraph 3 shall apply. In this case, however, the prior notice period shall be one month.

Chapter 5 Rights and Duties
(Advertising, deleting contents, etc.)

Article 14 Duties of SFH
• SFH does not engage in any act prohibited under the applicable statutes and these Terms and Conditions or which goes against traditional customs but makes utmost efforts to provide continuous and stable Services.
• SFH shall be equipped with a security system for the protection of personal information (including credit information) to ensure that Members can safely access the Services, and it shall announce and comply with the Privacy Policy.
• SFH shall handle any opinions or complaints raised by its Members regarding their Service use if they are deemed reasonable. The handling process and results in relation to the opinions or complaints raised by Members shall be communicated to the Members via bulletin board or email.
• SFH shall be equipped with the necessary human resources and systems to handle properly complaints or damage relief requests filed by its Members and which arise in connection with their Service use.

Article 15 Code of Conduct for Members
• No Member shall:
- Register false information upon application or modification;
- Register false information upon application or modification;
- Modify information posted by SFH;
- Send or store information (such as computer software) other than that specified by SFH;
- Infringe upon intellectual property rights such as the copyrights of SFH and other third parties;
- Damage the reputation or interfere with the business of SFH and other third parties;
- Disclosure or storage of obscene or violent messages, images, videos, voices, or other information violating good and traditional customs;
- Use the Service for profit-making purposes without the consent of SFH;
- Engage in any other illegal or unjust acts.
• Members shall be required to comply with the applicable statutes, the provisions under these Terms and Conditions, the user guide, and the precautions announced in connection with the Service, and they shall not interfere with the business affairs of SFH.
• If a Member commits any act in violation of these Terms and Conditions, SFH may terminate the user agreement without prior notice or suspend the Service use for a set period of time.

Article 16 Provision of information and Publication of Advertisements
• SFH may provide Members with various kinds of information deemed necessary for their Service use via email and other means. However, Members may refuse to receive emails at any time, except answers to reservation-related information, inquiries, etc. and Service-related notices under the applicable statutes.
• If the information referred to in Paragraph 1 is to be sent by telephone or facsimile equipment, such shall be sent after obtaining the prior consent of the member. However, exceptions apply to answers to reservation-related information, inquiries, etc.
• SFH may post advertisements on the Service screen, website, email, etc. However, Members who have received an email with the advertisement may refuse further receipt from SFH.
• The user (including Members and Mon-Members) shall neither alter, modify, nor restrict content or other information regarding Services provided by SFH.

Article 17 Copyright to Content
• The copyright to the Content stored within the Service by Members shall be reserved to the author of such content. However, the copyright shall be vested in the original author only in limited cases wherein the content of another site or other person has simply been collected.
• SFH shall not assume any civil or criminal responsibility for Content stored within its Services even if it infringes upon the copyrights, software copyrights and the like of others. Where SFH receives a claim from others, such as claim for damages for copyright infringement, software copyrights, etc., the Member shall strive to indemnify and hold SFH harmless; where SFH is not indemnified and held harmless, the Member shall be held liable for any resulting damage sustained by SFH.
• The Content stored within the Service by Members may be exposed in search results, Services, and associated promotions and may be partially modified, duplicated, edited, and released within the scope required for such exposure. In this case, SFH shall comply with the copyright laws and regulations and including any request by a member for such content to be deleted.
• When intending to use the Content of Members by means other than those referred to under Paragraph 3, SFH shall be required to obtain prior consent from Members by email or other means.
• Members shall reserve the right to the content of the posts that they have published, and SFH shall not use them for any commercial purpose other than for publication within the service without the publisher’s consent. However, this shall not be the case for non-commercial purposes, and SFH has the right to publish the content within the service.
• Members shall not use data posted on the service for commercial purposes, such as processing and selling information obtained during the Service use, without prior consent from the publisher.

Article 18 Management of Content
• Where the Content of Members includes that in violation of the applicable statutes, such as the “Information and Communications Network Act” and the “Copyright Act”, the rights holder may request the non-disclosure and deletion of the Content under associated statutes.
• SFH shall reserve the right to move the posted content without prior notice and may delete such without prior notice in any of the following circumstances:
- If the post violates these Terms and Conditions, or it is deemed to be illegal, obscene, or vulgar;
- If the content slanders or defames another member or a third party with false statement;
- If the content is contrary to public order and traditional customs;
- If the content is deemed associated with a criminal act;
- If the content infringes upon the copyright or any other rights of a third party;
- If the posting period or capacity specified on the site is exceeded;
- If the content violates other applicable statutes.
- Users shall assume civil and criminal liability arising from their infringement of the copyright of others.
• SFH may take temporary measures, etc. against the relevant Content under the applicable statutes if there is a reason to recognize a rights violation, or if the Content violates SFH’s policies and applicable statutes even in the absence of a request by the rights holder pursuant to Paragraph 1.
• Content set to private by Members may not be accessed by others, including SFH. If requested by the court, investigative agency, or other administrative agencies or required by other statutes, however, the content may be accessed by others, including SFH.

Article 19 Reservation of Rights
• Copyright and intellectual property rights to Services shall be reserved to SFH. However, Members’ content and works provided under the partnership agreement shall be excluded.
• SFH shall only grant Members the right to use Accounts, Contents, etc. under the conditions of use set by SFH in connection with its Services, and Members shall be prohibited from disposing of them by means such as assignment, sale, and provision as collateral.

Article 20 Restrictions on Use, etc.
• Where a Member breaches his/her duties under these Terms and Conditions or disrupts the normal operation of the Services, his/her Service use may be restricted in different stages such as warning, temporary suspension, and permanent suspension.
• Notwithstanding the foregoing paragraph, SFH may immediately impose a permanent suspension where associated statutes are violated by means such as identity theft and payment theft in violation of the “Resident Registration Act”, provision of illegal software in violation of the “Copyright Act” and “Computer Programs Protection Act”, and disruption of operations, illegal communication, and hacking in violation of the “Information and Communications Network Act”, distribution of malicious software, or any act that exceeds the Member’s access rights. In the event of a permanent suspension of use under this paragraph, all benefits gained from the Service use will be removed, in which case SFH shall not compensate for such.
• SFH may restrict the Service use for the protection of Member information and operational efficiency if a member does not log in for the continued period of three months or longer.
• SFH shall be subject to the restriction conditions and details within the scope of restriction under this Article as prescribed by the policy of restriction on use and the operation policy of individual Services.
• In the event of a restriction on the Service use or termination of a contract under this Article, SFH shall notify Members of such fact in accordance with Article 13 (Notification to Members).
• Members may raise an objection to the restriction on use, etc. under this Article in accordance with the procedures prescribed by SFH. If the objection is deemed justifiable by SFH, SFH shall immediately resume the Service use.

Chapter 6 Miscellaneous

Article 21 Limitation of Liability
• SFH shall be exempted from any liability for failure to provide Services due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure circumstances.
• SFH shall not be held liable for any interruption in the Service use for reasons attributable to the member.
• SFH shall not be held liable for the credibility, accuracy, etc. of the information, data, and facts uploaded by its members in connection with the Services.
• SFH shall be exempted from any liability for transactions between Members or between Members and third parties with the Service as a medium.
• SFH shall not be held liable for the use of the Services provided free of charge unless otherwise prescribed under the pertinent statutes.

Article 22 Governing Law and Jurisdiction
• Any litigation filed between SFH and its Members shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.
• Any dispute arising between SFH and its Members shall be brought to the competent court of jurisdiction under the Civil Procedure Act.

These Terms and Conditions shall be effective on January 4, 2021.


Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy
We will make every effort to keep the personal information of our members secure.

01 What is Privacy Policy?

Seoul Financial Hub’s personal information protection and privacy policy
Seoul Financial Hub (hereinafter referred to as “SFH”) “collects, uses, and provides personal information based on users’ consent” and “actively guarantees the rights (right to informational self-determination) of users”.

“Privacy Policy” refers to the guidelines that SFH is required to observe so as to protect the personal information of users and ensure their secure use of services. SFH also complies with the personal information regulations and guidelines of the Republic of Korea.

This Privacy Policy is disclosed in the service operated by SFH to ensure easy access for users.

02 Collection of personal information

SFH collects the personal information below from users.
All users are entitled to use the services provided by SFH and are provided with various services of SFH through membership subscription, during which SFH collects the personal information of users under the following principles:

1. SFH collects the minimum information necessary to provide services.
SFH collects the personal information listed below. However, the information below is based on the confirmation made by users;
if any additional personal information is to be collected from users,
SFH will make sure it notifies users of such fact in advance and obtains their consent.
1. For individual subscription
• Email address, password, and name
2. The following information may be automatically generated and collected during service use:
• IP address, cookies, time and date of visit, records of service use, and records of fraudulent use, device information, and browser information

1. SFH does not collect any sensitive information.
SFH does not collect sensitive information that may infringe the human rights of users
under any circumstances whatsoever; if such collection becomes inevitable due to any duties set forth in the statutes,
SFH will obtain prior consent from users without fail.
SFH will collect the personal information of users through their service use, event application, fax, telephone,
and customer support, in addition to their membership subscription.

03 Use of personal information
For what purpose does SFH use personal information?
SFH uses the personal information of users only for the purposes below; if said purposes change, SFH will make sure it obtains prior consent from users.
 SFH uses personal information to identify users who have subscribed as members, verify their intention to subscribe, and prevent any dishonest use by fraudulent members.
 SFH uses personal information to provide various services to users, process any user inquiries or complaints during service use, send notifications, etc.
 Personal information is also used for information delivery, marketing, and advertising to inform users of the opportunity to participate in a newly developed service or event.
 Personal information is used to analyze service use records and access frequency of users, collect statistics on their service use, provide tailored services, and improve services.
 Personal information is used to collect card information for payment during use of paid services.

How long does SFH use personal information?
SFH limitedly uses the personal information of users from the time of their membership subscription until they are provided with the services. If a user requests membership cancellation or withdraws his/her consent to the collection and use of the provided personal information, the purpose of collection or use is fulfilled, or the retention and use period expires, the personal information of said user will be destroyed without delay.

Member information will be retained for a certain period under the provisions of applicable statutes listed below.
1. Personal information in relation to service use (service use records, access logs, access IP information)
 Grounds of preservation: Protection of Communications Secrets Act
 Period of preservation: 3 months
2. Records on labeling/advertising
 Grounds of preservation: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.
 Period of preservation: 6 months
3. Records on contract or agreement withdrawal, etc.
 Grounds of preservation: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.
 Period of preservation: 5
4. Records on consumer complaints or dispute handling
 Grounds of preservation: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.
 Period of preservation: 3

04 Provision of personal information
SFH provides personal information to third parties to provide more seamless services to users.
SFH uses the personal information of users within the scope specified under 02Collectionofpersonalinformationand03Useofpersonalinformation.Furthermore, SFH does not provide the personal information of users to a third party; where the personal information is to be provided to a third party, SFH obtains users’ consent under the statutes. However, exceptions apply under the following circumstances:
 If the data is provided after being processed in a form that cannot identify certain individuals for statistics compilation, academic research, or market research.
 If the court or a state agency enforces the provision of personal information of users pursuant to statutes.
If all or part of the business is transferred, or the rights and duties of the service provider are transferred through merger/inheritance, users will be notified of such fact so as to guarantee their rights concerning personal information protection.

05 Consignment of personal information
SFH consigns personal information to improve its services and stipulates the necessary matters to ensure that personal information is safely managed under the consignment contract pursuant to applicable statutes.

06 Destruction of personal information
When and how does SFH destroy the personal information it collects from users?
SFH pledges to destroy users’ personal information without delay after “the purposes of collecting and using personal information are fulfilled.”
However, SFH transfers personal information to a separate database upon membership cancellation and stores it for a certain period as per the internal guidelines and applicable statutes. Personal information stored separately at this time will not be used for any other purpose unless specified otherwise under the statutes.
At the end of the period, it will be completely deleted using technological methods that render the information irreproducible, and personal information printed on paper will be shredded or incinerated.

07 Other matters
SFH protects the rights of users.
SFH protects the rights of users as follows:
 If a user requests the correction of errors in his/her personal information, the relevant personal information will not be used or provided until the correction is made. In addition, in the event that the incorrect personal information has already been provided to a third party, SFH will notify the third party of the corrected information without delay to ensure that the necessary correction is made.
 SFH will take the necessary measures, such as suspension of service or withdrawal of membership, without delay upon finding out that another person’s personal information has been stolen or when it is requested to suspend the service of an ID by a user who has discovered the theft of his/her personal information.

Cookies are installed and operated and may be rejected by users.

Cookies are small amounts of information sent by the server (http) used to run the website to the user’s computer browser and are sometimes stored on the hard disk of the user’s computer.

Purposes of using cookies: They are used to identify the visiting and usage patterns for each service and website visited by users, search words that users looked for, initial screen settings, and more so as to provide optimized information to users.

Installation, operation, and rejection of cookies: You can reject the saving of cookies in the option settings through Tools >Internet option > Privacy menu at the top of your web browser.

If you reject the saving of the cookies, however, you may experience difficulties during your personalized service use.

SFH is making efforts to protect the personal information of users.
SFH regards users’ personal information as most precious and makes the following efforts in handling personal information:
 SFH encrypts users’ personal information.
Users’ personal information is protected by a password, and important data is protected through separate security functions such as encrypting files and transmission data or locking files.
 SFH strives to protect against hacking or computer viruses.
In order to prevent the leak or damage of members’ personal information caused by hacking or computer viruses, SFH installs systems in areas with restricted access from outside. SFH has installed a system for detecting and preventing any access by hackers to conduct monitoring 365 days a year, including antivirus software as part of its efforts to protect its system from any infection of malicious code or computer virus. SFH also continues to research new hacking/security technologies to apply them to its services.
 SFH minimizes those who have access to personal information.
SFH minimizes the number of employees who handle personal information and blocks business computers from using external Internet services, thereby reducing the risk of personal information leak. In addition, SFH has devised systematic standards for the creation, modification, and access rights regarding the system that processes database systems storing and processing personal information so as to conduct continuous monitoring.
 SFH provides employees with regular training on the protection of users’ personal information.
SFH provides regular training and campaigns for all employees who handle personal information in relation to their duty of privacy and security.

However, SFH will not be held responsible for any issues arising from the leak of personal information such as e-mail addresses, passwords, and resident registration numbers caused by the user’s carelessness and the fundamental risks on the Internet. Please be sure to remain security-conscious and modify your password frequently; pay special attention to ensure that your personal information is not leaked when logging in from a public computer.

SFH runs a dedicated organization for personal information protection.
SFH has designated the personnel below to protect the personal information of users, answer their inquiries, and handle complaints. Please feel free to contact us anytime. Your inquiries will be swiftly answered with sufficient information.

Privacy Officer
Telephone 070-4218-4333

If your personal information has been infringed and you need to file a report or consult about the issue, contact any of the following agencies for assistance:
 Privacy Infringement Report Center (no area code) 118
 Information Protection Mark Certification Committee 02-550-9531~2
 Internet Crime Investigation Division of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office 02-3480-3571
 Cyber Terror Response Center of the National Police Agency (no area code) 182

Others Supplementary policies
SFH will explain any addition, deletion, or modification to the details above at least 7 days prior to the enforcement date through its notice. However, any modification to the important details regarding major rights or duties of users will be notified at least 30 days prior to its enforcement.

Enforcement date of the Privacy Policy: January 5, 2021