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Attractiveness of the Korean financial market


Ranked number 1 for having the highest percentage of college graduates aged 25-34

Korea's remarkable success and rapid economic growth over the past half century
was possible due to the hard work, responsibility, and adaptability unique to Koreans.
The college education completion rate for young people in Korea, is the highest among OECD countries.
(Sourceㅣ OECD, Education at a glance 2020)

#1 in the Bloomberg Innovation Index

Korea ranked number one in the world, with a score of 90.49, a step up from 2020,
in the '2021 Bloomberg Innovation Index' announced by Bloomberg in 2021.
The Bloomberg Innovation Index is divided into seven categories to evaluate and rank a country's innovative power.
In particular, Korea maintains high rankings in R&D intensity (2nd place), gross valued added by manufacturing (2nd place),
high technology company density (4th place), researcher concentration (3rd place), and patent activity (1st place).

30-50 club, 7th country

he so-called 30-50 club or countries that satisfy the conditions of per capita gross national income surpassing
$30,000 or more and a population of 50 million or more, includes the seven countries of Japan (1992), the United States (1996),
the United Kingdom (2004), Germany (2004), France (2004), Italy (2005), and Korea (2019).

GDP USD $ 1.79 trillion, 13th

In 2021, Korea's GDP was approximately USD $ 1.79 trillion. It ranks 13th among 195 countries in the world.
The 'World Economic Ranking Table (WELT) 2023' report predicts that South Korea
will maintain a similar level of economic size over the next few years. (Source: IMF 2022)

Market Capitalization of listed Korean companies USD $ 1.4 trillion, 12th

According to 2021 data from the World Bank,
the total market capitalization of Korea ranks 12th in terms of the global market capitalization.

Foreign exchange reverse USD $423 billion, 9th

The Bank of Korea announced that foreign exchange reserves stood at $423.2 billion in December 2022.
This is the ninth-largest holding in the world. (Source: Bank of Korea December 2022)

Foreign Investment attractiveness GAI 79.2, 9th

According to the 2022 Global Attractiveness Index (GAI) recently released by European House Ambrosetti,
Europe's leading think tank in 2022, Korea ranked 9th with 79.2.

Support service

Korea/Seoul financial city attractiveness

Support the international financial competitiveness index of Korea/Seoul and the detailed information of the financial infrastructure

Information regarding Seoul's financial infrastructure

Supporting information on the financial infrastructure networks in Korea/Seoul and networking of financial institutions

Provision of information on the financial economy

Provision of macro and micro information related to the financial and economic indicators of Korea/Seoul

Advice on how to establish a financial institution

Provision of advice and full support on preparations for establishing a financial company in Korea/Seoul by overseas financial institutions

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