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Seoul Financial Hub

Domestic Financial Environment

Office space support


Small meeting rooms

Conduct small business meetings with domestic and foreign business partners
by renting and hiring small conference rooms meant for one to eight people

Seminar networking

Arrange networking through seminars, on specific topics that occur during project implementation,
and support infrastructure for business expansion

Webinar online meeting

Webinar involving multiple people in remote locations and quick decision-making through online meetings

Long and short term occupancy

Information on short and long term tenancy for foreign companies entering the domestic market and establishing a corporation

Support service

Provision of spatial support organization information

highlights a number of institutions, including Seoul's subordinate institutions, conference rooms, seminar rooms, occupancy spaces, studios for linked institutions, etc.

Confirmation of conditions of spatial support organizations

Confirmation of specific backing for every institution, terms for renting and renting, and contact information for every channel

Space lease application

Verification of facts regarding currently leased and available office space, as well as thorough application requirements

Contract support for free and paid conditions

Confirmation of the terms for space renting, rental, and contract support, both free and paid

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