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  • Subject Seoul Financial Hub
  • Purpose 여의도 직장인의 금융 지식 업데이트
  • Venue One IFC 16F
  • Contents

Seoul Financial Hub organized "Financial/Economic Knowledge Seminars" held from December 28, 2023. 

Summaries in the form of card news and video recordings of this seminar uploaded to the Seoul Financial Hub's website and YouTube channel, so we kindly request your keen interest in this.


[ 2023 SFH Connect Financial Book Lunch Session 5 Information ]

○ Date: December 28, 2023 (Thursday)

○ Theme: 2024 Domestic and International Economic Conditions and Money Flows

○ Speaker: Author of 「2024 Flow of Money」 Professor Park Jung Ho (Myongji University)

○ Summary

 - Point 1: A "Flow of Money" seen as a Change in the Global Value Chain

 - Point 2: If You Understand the Culture and Spirit of Each Country, You Can See the World Economy

The video recording of the 2023 SFH Connect Financial Book luch Session 5(with English subtitles) can be viewed on the Seoul Financial Hub official YouTube channel.


▶ Video Replay:

▶ Seoul Financial Hub Official YouTube Channel: