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  • Subject Seoul Financial Hub
  • Purpose Expert Panel Discussion and Proposals for Improvement on Domestic Financial Environment and Financial Policies
  • Venue One IFC 16F
  • Contents

Seoul Financial Hub organized '2023 Seoul Financial Innovation Forum' 

The theme of the second debate is

"The Sustainable Future of Small Businesses in Seoul, the Influence of The ESG Disclosure and Proactive Preparations."

Professional panelists discussed the current financial environment and policies with various perspectives and issues.

The full video of the first debate is available on Seoul Financial Hub's YouTube channel

The video of the 2023 Seoul Financial Innovation Forum 2 can be viewed on the Seoul Financial Hub official YouTube channel.

▶ Full Video Link:​

You can also find a video on YouTube that summarizes the main issues, problems, and improvement measures of the discussion.

Click the title below to go to the video for that content. 

1. Legal Obligations Disclosure Timeframe and Supply Chain
2. Establishment of ESG Facilitation Mechanism
3. The Need for Customized Support for Small Businesses
4. The Need for Appropriate Support for Small B
5. Establish ESG Control Tower
6. Need for Preparation Period for ESG Disclosure
7. Impact of the Introduction of the Supply Chain Survey Act
Trade Barrierization of Supply Chain Inspection
9. ESG's Tiebreaker Role
10. Keywords for the 2nd debate

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